What is Brahmayoga?

People today are not happy. They are stressed out, they have so many burdens and so many worries – how to make money, how to look after their families and their children, how to do better at their jobs. So many people today are suffering from illnesses, so many are depressed and anxious, taking drugs, committing suicide.

People today do not know how to live life  anymore. They have just accepted that this is how life is – full of stress and burdens. They think that life is just about surviving the stress and catching as many moments of happiness as they can.

But life is not supposed to be this way. Life is supposed to be beautiful and happy all the time. People are meant to always be healthy and energetic. People think that illness is a natural part of life, but actually it is not. It is only caused because we are stressed and not living life the way we want.

Very few people have evolved to the level where they are 100% happy and 100% heathy all the time. One such person is my guru Alpna. Through years of meditation and yoga, she has achieved enlightenment. She has discovered the truth about how the universe works and how we must live our life so we are truly happy. To teach this to other people, Alpna founded Brahmayoga.

Brahmayoga has two parts:
One, it gives people an understanding of how to live life. It teaches that we shouldn’t get angry, we shouldn’t react, shouldn’t judge others or live our life according to the opinions of society.

It teaches that our happiness is in our hands and that it does not depend on our situation. If we are unhappy, it is our own fault and to make us happy again is also upto us alone. It teaches us how to train our minds to think good and positive thoughts and not worry about things that are beyond our control.

The second part is the yoga and meditation. The yoga taught here is chakra based. We do focusing exercises and asanas to activate the chakras. This promotes the smooth flow of hormones in the body. It slowly changes your brain and makes you more calm, focused and intelligent.

After the 1st month of these exercises, we start meditation. Meditation means establishing a connection between you and God. God is a higher consciousness, a greater intelligence, an energy which has created the entire universe. Meditation connects you with this energy and helps you figure out situations that are happening to you and understand how to handle them.

In short, what Brahmayoga does is it gives you a better understanding of life and through yoga and meditation, it makes you more capable and intelligent to be able to apply this understanding to situations that you face. 

Ultimately, if you choose to progress further on this journey, it helps you to connect to you soul – to discover who you really are and how you want to live life. It connects you to God and helps you realize your place in this world.

Author: Asha Mariam Abraham

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