Understanding God and Energy

The first thing Brahmayoga teaches is that God is real. But in today’s world, God is very misunderstood. People do not know God anymore and they do not understand what he wants. People today have reduced God to a set of rules. They believe that if they perform a set of physical actions – giving money to charity, praying, worshiping- then God will be pleased.

But truth is that anything that is physical does not matter. All God wants is for us to improve ourselves at the level of thoughts and intentions. There are no good or bad actions. Only good or bad thoughts. The reason for this can be found by understanding energy.

God is energy. Ramakrishna Paramahansa once described a vision he saw. He said he saw a vast sea of infinite light, an infinite sea that was consciousness.

This is God. He is a vast sea of energy or light. He is an energy that has consciousness, an energy that has perfect intelligence.

It is this energy that the whole world is made of, including our bodies. Everything in this world is made of this energy, and it is this energy that also looks after the world and guides each of our paths.

Our real selves, our souls, are also energy and just as intelligent and powerful as God himself. But when we came down to the physical world, we forgot our Godly self and started acting more human – worried, selfish, lazy, etc.

When we have a thought or an intention, we are creating energy. When we have bad thoughts, we create negative energy and when we have good thoughts, we create positive energy. This is why physical actions don’t matter. It is the intention with which you do the action that either surrounds you with positive or negative energy. (Give example – soldier killing on the battlefield)

As our thoughts and intentions become purer, our energy levels rise up and two things start to happen.

One, the more positive our energy levels, the more good things we start to attract. Good health, money, love all start to come into our lives as we work to improve our thoughts and intentions.

Two, the more unselfish, positive and happy we become, the Godlier we become. As we become capable of maintaining our happiness and keeping our energy levels positive, then we truly become capable of working for the betterment of this world.

Receiving Energy

Our brains can create energy through thoughts and intentions. They can also receive energy and, like a radio, you can choose which energy waves you would like to receive. We must be aware not just of the types of thoughts/energy we create, but also of the type of energy we receive. Like tuning a radio, we can also tune our minds to receive only positive energy.

For example, imagine you are in an amusement park. There are two types of energies here. On the one hand you have children that are tired, cranky and crying. On the other hand, you have children that are smiling, laughing and having fun. If you focus on the noisy, tired part, you will receive that energy and you will also become tired and cranky. If you instead focus on the fun part, then you will receive that energy and you will also have fun.

Thus, to receive positive energy, it is upto us to train our minds to see the positive in every situation.

This is the reason classes with Alpna are so important. So we can receive her energy which is always positive. But to receive this energy, we must choose to be open to it. Similarly, in meditation also we open ourselves to receive God’s energy.

Author: Asha Mariam Abraham

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