Overcoming the Ego

Brahmayogis have to understand that the concept of Ego for a Brahmayogi is different from the standard dictionary definition of the word.
For us, Ego is related to every thought and action which emanates when you think that you exist. Your name, identity, family background, position/appointment, relations/relatives, wealth, worldly possessions and all things connected to this body are related to Ego. Any actions/thoughts therefore, which emanate from such connections of the body and not from the pure desire of your heart/instinct are the consequences of Ego and will lead you away from God.
The Ego will always be against God as it is with the body. Until we remove the cover of the body and connect directly with our Soul, we cannot meet God.
Therefore we have to stop living this life with all our thoughts and actions only revolving around our bodily existence. We have to keep in mind the adage “From Ashes to Ashes”! As the Guru says, every person’s body, whether rich or poor will end up as a *Mitti Ka Dher*, every pursuit followed in accumulating material possessions for this body will not go with us after we die! After a certain age, when our health starts failing, we realise the futility of the lives we have lived and the lack of any self development, as a consequence of which, we have no legacy to leave behind. The bitter reality is that once our body ceases to exist, we also cease to exist. 
We are however *slaves of habit* and therefore continue to choose materialistic pursuits, little realising that the consequent results of such pursuits will obviously be only material and therefore ordinary and temporary. Remember that *to get extraordinary results we have to lead extraordinary lives*.
The secret lies in achieving a state where we are able to retain the worldly connections of this body yet not get attached to them, maintaining a direct connection with our Soul.
This is a very difficult state to achieve and is the final state of complete surrender or One-ness with God – when one achieves it in totality, one becomes truly evolved ie a Siddh Purush. However we have to keep working towards this end, to be able to detach ourselves from our bodily Ego as much as we can, to whatever extent we can.
The baby steps to achieve this are simply to question yourself on every action you are taking – *Will it give joy to the body or to the soul?* Even the answer to this question will be affected by our conditioned connection with our bodily Ego.
It will require a lot of courage to do things which appear to be completely contrary to societal norms and our “learned” logic. *We will, at every step, be concerned about our image*. We will be scared of rebuke! We will be scared of condemnation by peers or family, be afraid of ridicule, have the constant thought “log kya kahenge” etc. Remember here the formula/rule – *be concerned only with what God thinks, not other people* – they cannot affect your Karma! As our Guru says, *the path of a BrahmaYogi is not an easy or ordinary one, but if we walk it correctly, the results are completely extraordinary*.
Making an effort to realise this difference and taking the correct decisions is the start point we have to focus on and try to keep evolving thereon. At any point where you see a clash between the requirement of the Body and that of the Soul, *make the Soul win*….that has to be your aim!
As the Guru says……. True joy lies in *Fakiri* where you get God and not in *Baadshahi* where you get riches! Stories are written of Fakirs and not of Kings!

Author: Sunita Sharma

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