On Meditation

Elaborating few points on myths and facts about meditation by Alpna in today’s class:
Myths:1. When in stress, do meditation to calm down your mind2. We always get correct answer to our questions in meditation3. Your intuition or subconscious mind is directly connected with the soul voice/meditation
Facts:1. When in stress, you can not meditate at all. Meditation can not be achieved or forced to the mind, it can only be received as a gift of calm mind. You might ask, what shall we do when we are anxious and seeking answers? The answer is to start with focusing on agya chakra to calm your body and mind. Don’t rush towards getting the answers to your questions. Let it settle down and gradually you will attain the state of meditation.
2. The fact about getting the correct answer to the question asked in meditation is to understand the basis of questions generating in the mind. Most of the time, we do not frame the proper question, hence the answer itself is unclear. The meditative mind answers the questions arises for soul growth (eg. How can I come out of my fears? OR How can I experience true liberation? OR How can I grow spiritually?). Meditation never answers the questions that arrives as a desire to grow in materialistic world/rectify confusions/ support calculations, it is always our own ego or intuition that answers( eg. How can I control my kids? OR How can I take revenge from someone? OR How can I ignore/come out of any situation?). To get answers to such questions, do not meditate, but follow BrahmaYoga formulas and stick to it at any given situation. Do agya chakra to get strength to follow these formulas3. When we rush towards getting the answers in meditation, it’s mostly our influenced mind (if the seeker is primary level) or subconscious mind; we call it intuition also (advanced level seekers). Then how do we realise that the answers we are getting is attained from meditation or it’s our own mind? Do not rush or panic to attain the meditative state. The mind is like a pond filled with water, any anxiety/fear/sadness will cause turbulence. The meditation happen when  there is no turbulence and the mind is completely calm. Your calm and compose mind can only understand the need of your soul(correct question) and thereby you will receive the exact direction from almighty in meditation(the correct answer).

Author: Apoorva Srivastava

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