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The Theory of Abundance

There is an abundance of things for a Brahmayogi in this world. Just as we assume without a second thought, the availability in abundance of Air (Oxygen), Water and Sunlight, we also have to also understand and follow the principles of Abundance for Time, Money and Happiness.

1. Time: A Brahmayogi has to understand that there is an abundance of time in the Universe. There is always adequate time for everything and all that is required is to patiently wait for the right moment which is being created by God. Impatience or believing that time is at a premium will lead to faulty decisions and choices taken in haste can never be the correct ones.

2. Money: Similarly, money should be in the hand and not in the mind. A Brahmayogi has to believe that there is an abundance of money in the world and therefore, as & when he needs it, God will make it available. Never make a decision based on lack of money.

3. Happiness: There is an abundance of Happiness in this world. Do not feel guilty about being happy or thinking that the happiness will be short-lived. Believe that you will always be supremely happy. We should not go in search of happiness, it is within us but we do not realise it and keep searching for it. Happiness are already available in abundance. We only need work daily towards growing in our Godly qualities, thereby excelling and exceeding human limits

B. Do Not Compromise – The Dinner Menu Analogy

To understand this concept of Abundance, take the analogy of going out for dinner to a restaurant. People who are affluent will always go for an A-la-Carte menu because they will only want to order what they like and want to eat, while someone who is limited due to lack of resources and therefore concerned about the price, will order a Buffet and accept whatever is served to them as part of the Buffet.Understand this analogy of the Dinner menu. When life is offering you everything as you desire, then why go for a Buffet and compromise?

C. Satisfaction and happiness are priceless. Therefore, in life, do not take just anything that life offers, but take what you want.

D. Brahmayogi is the highest form of human beings. If they sincerely desire something, mountains will move and rivers will change course to help them achieve their objective. God will always give you what you want (in case you sincerely wish for it and it is not at a cost to anyone else i.e. related to negative thoughts/desires).

E. Acceptance however stays the key. Do not resist and say No to anything that is offered. Keep saying Yes Yes Yes, but wait patiently for what you genuinely desire.

F. Stay calm, do not get disturbed, but do not compromise on your desires.

To summarise, Time, Money and Happiness are already available in abundance in the Universe. We only need work daily towards growing in our godly qualities, thereby excelling and exceeding human limits without fear or worry.

Author: Sanjay Sharma

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