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Sharing a few takeaways from our session with Alpna today ~
# First a question ~ what is the ‘death’ which is supposed to happen when you meet your Guru? This ‘death’ refers to the dissolution of the ‘ego’, giving up the sense of ‘i-ness’, of being the ‘doer’. The ‘ego’ is your one single obstacle that has to be overcome on the path of Self-realisation. All your life your ego has built up this false identity of you as a limited embodied being. To make a paradigm shift and realise that your true identity is the ‘consciousness’ within you, the ego has to die and a guru alone makes this possible. In Alpna’s words ‘you have to LIVE YOUR DEATH’ at all times if you want to be one with the Supreme and exist as a being with infinite potentialities. In any given circumstance when you feel the need to take control, just think of yourself as not being there~literally as if you are dead~ and allow the situation to unfold and resolve on its own. The false-identification has to go for your True-self, the soul, to shine through. 
# Learn to ‘float’ and not to ’swim’. Swimming involves self-effort, it feeds your sense of ‘doer-ship’. It can only take you some few miles at the most. Your potential becomes limited. In contrast ‘floating’ means you have given up the sense of being a ‘doer’ and allowed yourself to just be a ‘witness’ of things as you flow along. When you ‘float’ you may be carried for thousands of miles. Your potential becomes infinite. When you swim you struggle, when you float you accept and surrender.
# ’Acceptance’ is the key, but remember it has to be “acceptance with awareness” and not “acceptance with justifications”. The former acknowledges that all events are the Will of the Supreme, there is no ego here. The latter is the fatalistic attitude that makes you accept events as your fate or destiny. Here the ego comes into play and gets indulged. Guard against this type of acceptance. # All that the scriptures teach, all that the Prophets and sages talk of can be summed up in one word ‘Awareness’. It is all that you need to attain and all that you need to know. A Guru alone can provide the necessary “quickening-impulse” for this ‘awareness’ to develop and unfold.

Author: Sunita Sharma

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