What is a fear? What makes us afraid? What are we scared of? When we try to answer these questions,  we get to the root of our fears and will have the clarity and courage to win beyond them.  
Fear, to begin with,  is not the absence of courage. Fearlessness is not about fighting it out mentally or physically.  It is rather not having the need or desire to fight at all. Fear is a product of insecurities, of the desire to control and have command over everything that happens to and around us.  Fear is the feeling of losing that control, on not just what we want,  but when we want and whom we want it from.  
So what are we afraid of then? We are really afraid of the unknown. The moment insecurities hit us, we fear about the outcomes, the future, the possible losess – physical, emotional or material. How can we be fearless then? The answer is in the question.  To be and not to become.  The moment we accept that we have truly no control of our life whatsoever and do a compete surrender to the one who does,  the all encompassing God, there is a completely new perspective about life that rests within us.  This acceptance leads to letting go of the Control. And when we do not wish or try to control anything, reaching deep peace within and without, what we have,  what we dont,  what the past was,  what the future holds,  who/ What stays and who/ What goes,  then becomes irrelevant. This is when we achieve absolute fearlessness.

Author: Anamika

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