Achieving Peace of Mind

Achieving peace of mind is not the ultimate aim of life. Rather it is only the first step in a yogi’s journey. 
Brahmayoga teaches us to attain peace by being aware of our thoughts at all times and training our minds to produce only correct and positive thoughts. Our minds are influenced by society to worry about things that are beyond our control and expect happiness from sources outside of ourselves. In Brahmayoga, we first remove this influence from our minds and train our minds to think according to the rules of nature by which this universe works – to not have any expectations of others, not judge others, etc. By following these rules, we train our minds to be happy and peaceful all the time, irrespective of the situations we face. 
It is only after we have achieved this peace of mind that we become capable of starting our life’s journey – of finding our purpose and achieving it. As long as our minds are clouded with worry and fear, we will never be able to listen to our inner voice. When our mind is at peace, we become clear about who we are, what we want to do and what decisions we should make. It is only after achieving peace of mind that we get the clarity and conviction necessary to find and achieve our purpose and make a positive contribution to the world.

Author: Asha Mariam Abraham

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