Fearlessness does not mean being brave in actions. It does not mean having the courage to walk alone in the dark or facing fierce animals or other scary things. True fearlessness is a quality of the mind. It is about being able to break all the mental chains that we have created and becoming completely free. This is the only way we can truly live life the way we want.

Alpna gave the example of how elephants are trained. Baby elephants are tied to a pole and beaten when they try to come out of the perimeter of the rope. When they grow up, the rope is taken away, but the adult elephant still stays within the boundaries that the rope had defined for him because he is still scared he might get hurt if he goes out of it. This is how an elephant’s mind is conditioned so the elephant behaves the way the mahout wants. Even though the rope is taken away, it still exists in the elephant’s mind.

Our minds are also conditioned in a similar way. We all live with many fears – we are fearful of other people’s opinions, of ruining our reputation, of not having enough money, of living alone. Our minds have been conditioned to believe that we need our family and friends to be happy and we are responsible for our family’s well being.

All these fears are not real but only insecurities imagined by our mind. All the decisions we make are affected by these fears and we become unable to do what we truly want.

The way to overcome these fears is through knowledge. Knowledge that our happiness comes from within us and not from our relationships or other people’s opinions. Even without our family and friends, we are still capable of being happy because that is our true nature. We are always independent and self sufficient.

We must also realise that our relationships, money, reputation and everything else is given to us by God and so it is God who will make sure all these things remain in our lives. Whatever we do to someone else, they will not leave us unless God wishes it.

Armed with this knowledge and trust in God, we become able to face all our fears. We are able to always do what we know is right without being afraid of how others will react or losing money or our good name. When we see that nothing bad happens from facing these fears, we are able to fully drive all fears from our mind and become completely free.

Author: Asha Mariam Abraham


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