Understanding God and Energy

The first thing Brahmayoga teaches is that God is real. But in today’s world, God is very misunderstood. People do not know God anymore and they do not understand what he wants. People today have reduced God to a set of rules. They believe that if they perform a set of physical actions – giving money to charity, praying, worshiping- then God will be pleased.

But truth is that anything that is physical does not matter. All God wants is for us to improve ourselves at the level of thoughts and intentions. There are no good or bad actions. Only good or bad thoughts. The reason for this can be found by understanding energy.

God is energy. Ramakrishna Paramahansa once described a vision he saw. He said he saw a vast sea of infinite light, an infinite sea that was consciousness.

This is God. He is a vast sea of energy or light. He is an energy that has consciousness, an energy that has perfect intelligence.

It is this energy that the whole world is made of, including our bodies. Everything in this world is made of this energy, and it is this energy that also looks after the world and guides each of our paths.

Our real selves, our souls, are also energy and just as intelligent and powerful as God himself. But when we came down to the physical world, we forgot our Godly self and started acting more human – worried, selfish, lazy, etc.

When we have a thought or an intention, we are creating energy. When we have bad thoughts, we create negative energy and when we have good thoughts, we create positive energy. This is why physical actions don’t matter. It is the intention with which you do the action that either surrounds you with positive or negative energy. (Give example – soldier killing on the battlefield)

As our thoughts and intentions become purer, our energy levels rise up and two things start to happen.

One, the more positive our energy levels, the more good things we start to attract. Good health, money, love all start to come into our lives as we work to improve our thoughts and intentions.

Two, the more unselfish, positive and happy we become, the Godlier we become. As we become capable of maintaining our happiness and keeping our energy levels positive, then we truly become capable of working for the betterment of this world.

Receiving Energy

Our brains can create energy through thoughts and intentions. They can also receive energy and, like a radio, you can choose which energy waves you would like to receive. We must be aware not just of the types of thoughts/energy we create, but also of the type of energy we receive. Like tuning a radio, we can also tune our minds to receive only positive energy.

For example, imagine you are in an amusement park. There are two types of energies here. On the one hand you have children that are tired, cranky and crying. On the other hand, you have children that are smiling, laughing and having fun. If you focus on the noisy, tired part, you will receive that energy and you will also become tired and cranky. If you instead focus on the fun part, then you will receive that energy and you will also have fun.

Thus, to receive positive energy, it is upto us to train our minds to see the positive in every situation.

This is the reason classes with Alpna are so important. So we can receive her energy which is always positive. But to receive this energy, we must choose to be open to it. Similarly, in meditation also we open ourselves to receive God’s energy.

Author: Asha Mariam Abraham

What is Brahmayoga?

People today are not happy. They are stressed out, they have so many burdens and so many worries – how to make money, how to look after their families and their children, how to do better at their jobs. So many people today are suffering from illnesses, so many are depressed and anxious, taking drugs, committing suicide.

People today do not know how to live life  anymore. They have just accepted that this is how life is – full of stress and burdens. They think that life is just about surviving the stress and catching as many moments of happiness as they can.

But life is not supposed to be this way. Life is supposed to be beautiful and happy all the time. People are meant to always be healthy and energetic. People think that illness is a natural part of life, but actually it is not. It is only caused because we are stressed and not living life the way we want.

Very few people have evolved to the level where they are 100% happy and 100% heathy all the time. One such person is my guru Alpna. Through years of meditation and yoga, she has achieved enlightenment. She has discovered the truth about how the universe works and how we must live our life so we are truly happy. To teach this to other people, Alpna founded Brahmayoga.

Brahmayoga has two parts:
One, it gives people an understanding of how to live life. It teaches that we shouldn’t get angry, we shouldn’t react, shouldn’t judge others or live our life according to the opinions of society.

It teaches that our happiness is in our hands and that it does not depend on our situation. If we are unhappy, it is our own fault and to make us happy again is also upto us alone. It teaches us how to train our minds to think good and positive thoughts and not worry about things that are beyond our control.

The second part is the yoga and meditation. The yoga taught here is chakra based. We do focusing exercises and asanas to activate the chakras. This promotes the smooth flow of hormones in the body. It slowly changes your brain and makes you more calm, focused and intelligent.

After the 1st month of these exercises, we start meditation. Meditation means establishing a connection between you and God. God is a higher consciousness, a greater intelligence, an energy which has created the entire universe. Meditation connects you with this energy and helps you figure out situations that are happening to you and understand how to handle them.

In short, what Brahmayoga does is it gives you a better understanding of life and through yoga and meditation, it makes you more capable and intelligent to be able to apply this understanding to situations that you face. 

Ultimately, if you choose to progress further on this journey, it helps you to connect to you soul – to discover who you really are and how you want to live life. It connects you to God and helps you realize your place in this world.

Author: Asha Mariam Abraham

On Meditation

Elaborating few points on myths and facts about meditation by Alpna in today’s class:
Myths:1. When in stress, do meditation to calm down your mind2. We always get correct answer to our questions in meditation3. Your intuition or subconscious mind is directly connected with the soul voice/meditation
Facts:1. When in stress, you can not meditate at all. Meditation can not be achieved or forced to the mind, it can only be received as a gift of calm mind. You might ask, what shall we do when we are anxious and seeking answers? The answer is to start with focusing on agya chakra to calm your body and mind. Don’t rush towards getting the answers to your questions. Let it settle down and gradually you will attain the state of meditation.
2. The fact about getting the correct answer to the question asked in meditation is to understand the basis of questions generating in the mind. Most of the time, we do not frame the proper question, hence the answer itself is unclear. The meditative mind answers the questions arises for soul growth (eg. How can I come out of my fears? OR How can I experience true liberation? OR How can I grow spiritually?). Meditation never answers the questions that arrives as a desire to grow in materialistic world/rectify confusions/ support calculations, it is always our own ego or intuition that answers( eg. How can I control my kids? OR How can I take revenge from someone? OR How can I ignore/come out of any situation?). To get answers to such questions, do not meditate, but follow BrahmaYoga formulas and stick to it at any given situation. Do agya chakra to get strength to follow these formulas3. When we rush towards getting the answers in meditation, it’s mostly our influenced mind (if the seeker is primary level) or subconscious mind; we call it intuition also (advanced level seekers). Then how do we realise that the answers we are getting is attained from meditation or it’s our own mind? Do not rush or panic to attain the meditative state. The mind is like a pond filled with water, any anxiety/fear/sadness will cause turbulence. The meditation happen when  there is no turbulence and the mind is completely calm. Your calm and compose mind can only understand the need of your soul(correct question) and thereby you will receive the exact direction from almighty in meditation(the correct answer).

Author: Apoorva Srivastava

Overcoming the Ego

Brahmayogis have to understand that the concept of Ego for a Brahmayogi is different from the standard dictionary definition of the word.
For us, Ego is related to every thought and action which emanates when you think that you exist. Your name, identity, family background, position/appointment, relations/relatives, wealth, worldly possessions and all things connected to this body are related to Ego. Any actions/thoughts therefore, which emanate from such connections of the body and not from the pure desire of your heart/instinct are the consequences of Ego and will lead you away from God.
The Ego will always be against God as it is with the body. Until we remove the cover of the body and connect directly with our Soul, we cannot meet God.
Therefore we have to stop living this life with all our thoughts and actions only revolving around our bodily existence. We have to keep in mind the adage “From Ashes to Ashes”! As the Guru says, every person’s body, whether rich or poor will end up as a *Mitti Ka Dher*, every pursuit followed in accumulating material possessions for this body will not go with us after we die! After a certain age, when our health starts failing, we realise the futility of the lives we have lived and the lack of any self development, as a consequence of which, we have no legacy to leave behind. The bitter reality is that once our body ceases to exist, we also cease to exist. 
We are however *slaves of habit* and therefore continue to choose materialistic pursuits, little realising that the consequent results of such pursuits will obviously be only material and therefore ordinary and temporary. Remember that *to get extraordinary results we have to lead extraordinary lives*.
The secret lies in achieving a state where we are able to retain the worldly connections of this body yet not get attached to them, maintaining a direct connection with our Soul.
This is a very difficult state to achieve and is the final state of complete surrender or One-ness with God – when one achieves it in totality, one becomes truly evolved ie a Siddh Purush. However we have to keep working towards this end, to be able to detach ourselves from our bodily Ego as much as we can, to whatever extent we can.
The baby steps to achieve this are simply to question yourself on every action you are taking – *Will it give joy to the body or to the soul?* Even the answer to this question will be affected by our conditioned connection with our bodily Ego.
It will require a lot of courage to do things which appear to be completely contrary to societal norms and our “learned” logic. *We will, at every step, be concerned about our image*. We will be scared of rebuke! We will be scared of condemnation by peers or family, be afraid of ridicule, have the constant thought “log kya kahenge” etc. Remember here the formula/rule – *be concerned only with what God thinks, not other people* – they cannot affect your Karma! As our Guru says, *the path of a BrahmaYogi is not an easy or ordinary one, but if we walk it correctly, the results are completely extraordinary*.
Making an effort to realise this difference and taking the correct decisions is the start point we have to focus on and try to keep evolving thereon. At any point where you see a clash between the requirement of the Body and that of the Soul, *make the Soul win*….that has to be your aim!
As the Guru says……. True joy lies in *Fakiri* where you get God and not in *Baadshahi* where you get riches! Stories are written of Fakirs and not of Kings!

Author: Sunita Sharma

Achieving Peace of Mind

Achieving peace of mind is not the ultimate aim of life. Rather it is only the first step in a yogi’s journey. 
Brahmayoga teaches us to attain peace by being aware of our thoughts at all times and training our minds to produce only correct and positive thoughts. Our minds are influenced by society to worry about things that are beyond our control and expect happiness from sources outside of ourselves. In Brahmayoga, we first remove this influence from our minds and train our minds to think according to the rules of nature by which this universe works – to not have any expectations of others, not judge others, etc. By following these rules, we train our minds to be happy and peaceful all the time, irrespective of the situations we face. 
It is only after we have achieved this peace of mind that we become capable of starting our life’s journey – of finding our purpose and achieving it. As long as our minds are clouded with worry and fear, we will never be able to listen to our inner voice. When our mind is at peace, we become clear about who we are, what we want to do and what decisions we should make. It is only after achieving peace of mind that we get the clarity and conviction necessary to find and achieve our purpose and make a positive contribution to the world.

Author: Asha Mariam Abraham


What is a fear? What makes us afraid? What are we scared of? When we try to answer these questions,  we get to the root of our fears and will have the clarity and courage to win beyond them.  
Fear, to begin with,  is not the absence of courage. Fearlessness is not about fighting it out mentally or physically.  It is rather not having the need or desire to fight at all. Fear is a product of insecurities, of the desire to control and have command over everything that happens to and around us.  Fear is the feeling of losing that control, on not just what we want,  but when we want and whom we want it from.  
So what are we afraid of then? We are really afraid of the unknown. The moment insecurities hit us, we fear about the outcomes, the future, the possible losess – physical, emotional or material. How can we be fearless then? The answer is in the question.  To be and not to become.  The moment we accept that we have truly no control of our life whatsoever and do a compete surrender to the one who does,  the all encompassing God, there is a completely new perspective about life that rests within us.  This acceptance leads to letting go of the Control. And when we do not wish or try to control anything, reaching deep peace within and without, what we have,  what we dont,  what the past was,  what the future holds,  who/ What stays and who/ What goes,  then becomes irrelevant. This is when we achieve absolute fearlessness.

Author: Anamika

Guru Speak

Sharing a few takeaways from our session with Alpna today ~
# First a question ~ what is the ‘death’ which is supposed to happen when you meet your Guru? This ‘death’ refers to the dissolution of the ‘ego’, giving up the sense of ‘i-ness’, of being the ‘doer’. The ‘ego’ is your one single obstacle that has to be overcome on the path of Self-realisation. All your life your ego has built up this false identity of you as a limited embodied being. To make a paradigm shift and realise that your true identity is the ‘consciousness’ within you, the ego has to die and a guru alone makes this possible. In Alpna’s words ‘you have to LIVE YOUR DEATH’ at all times if you want to be one with the Supreme and exist as a being with infinite potentialities. In any given circumstance when you feel the need to take control, just think of yourself as not being there~literally as if you are dead~ and allow the situation to unfold and resolve on its own. The false-identification has to go for your True-self, the soul, to shine through. 
# Learn to ‘float’ and not to ’swim’. Swimming involves self-effort, it feeds your sense of ‘doer-ship’. It can only take you some few miles at the most. Your potential becomes limited. In contrast ‘floating’ means you have given up the sense of being a ‘doer’ and allowed yourself to just be a ‘witness’ of things as you flow along. When you ‘float’ you may be carried for thousands of miles. Your potential becomes infinite. When you swim you struggle, when you float you accept and surrender.
# ’Acceptance’ is the key, but remember it has to be “acceptance with awareness” and not “acceptance with justifications”. The former acknowledges that all events are the Will of the Supreme, there is no ego here. The latter is the fatalistic attitude that makes you accept events as your fate or destiny. Here the ego comes into play and gets indulged. Guard against this type of acceptance. # All that the scriptures teach, all that the Prophets and sages talk of can be summed up in one word ‘Awareness’. It is all that you need to attain and all that you need to know. A Guru alone can provide the necessary “quickening-impulse” for this ‘awareness’ to develop and unfold.

Author: Sunita Sharma

Of Tradition and Rituals

In our session with Alpna today we had a very insightful discussion on tradition and rituals, which i thought of sharing with others since it helped bring some clarity to my thinking. 

She pointed out that it is the duty and responsibility of a Brahmyogi to ensure that our loved ones ~specifically our parents, our spouses, our siblings, and our children are taught to be free from the trap of ritualistic worship. There was a specific reference to the Diwali festival just gone by and the Laxmi-Ganesh puja done on this day in most households. My husband and i have over the years tried to keep alive some traditional festivals where the family sits together at the family altar…Diwali being one of them. It was a bit difficult for me to wrap my head around how i could suddenly turn around and say all this devotion and faith is rubbish even when in my heart i have realised that the Divine cannot be reached through such worship. This conundrum is what Alpna’s distinction between celebrating-traditions and blindly following rituals helped clarify.Traditions she said add joy and colour to life. They are your cultural identity, your celebration of life. They don’t limit you, they give you happiness.Rituals are limiting, they bind you for they feed on your insecurities and your fears. The minute you add the element of religious-compulsion to a tradition, it becomes a humdrum routine, a dull ritual.That is the trap we need to avoid. Teach your loved ones to celebrate traditions with joy and not follow them out of mere compulsion or to just propitiate some man-made God or Goddess. 

Author: Sunita Sharma


Fearlessness does not mean being brave in actions. It does not mean having the courage to walk alone in the dark or facing fierce animals or other scary things. True fearlessness is a quality of the mind. It is about being able to break all the mental chains that we have created and becoming completely free. This is the only way we can truly live life the way we want.

Alpna gave the example of how elephants are trained. Baby elephants are tied to a pole and beaten when they try to come out of the perimeter of the rope. When they grow up, the rope is taken away, but the adult elephant still stays within the boundaries that the rope had defined for him because he is still scared he might get hurt if he goes out of it. This is how an elephant’s mind is conditioned so the elephant behaves the way the mahout wants. Even though the rope is taken away, it still exists in the elephant’s mind.

Our minds are also conditioned in a similar way. We all live with many fears – we are fearful of other people’s opinions, of ruining our reputation, of not having enough money, of living alone. Our minds have been conditioned to believe that we need our family and friends to be happy and we are responsible for our family’s well being.

All these fears are not real but only insecurities imagined by our mind. All the decisions we make are affected by these fears and we become unable to do what we truly want.

The way to overcome these fears is through knowledge. Knowledge that our happiness comes from within us and not from our relationships or other people’s opinions. Even without our family and friends, we are still capable of being happy because that is our true nature. We are always independent and self sufficient.

We must also realise that our relationships, money, reputation and everything else is given to us by God and so it is God who will make sure all these things remain in our lives. Whatever we do to someone else, they will not leave us unless God wishes it.

Armed with this knowledge and trust in God, we become able to face all our fears. We are able to always do what we know is right without being afraid of how others will react or losing money or our good name. When we see that nothing bad happens from facing these fears, we are able to fully drive all fears from our mind and become completely free.

Author: Asha Mariam Abraham


Lessons from Guru

The Theory of Abundance

There is an abundance of things for a Brahmayogi in this world. Just as we assume without a second thought, the availability in abundance of Air (Oxygen), Water and Sunlight, we also have to also understand and follow the principles of Abundance for Time, Money and Happiness.

1. Time: A Brahmayogi has to understand that there is an abundance of time in the Universe. There is always adequate time for everything and all that is required is to patiently wait for the right moment which is being created by God. Impatience or believing that time is at a premium will lead to faulty decisions and choices taken in haste can never be the correct ones.

2. Money: Similarly, money should be in the hand and not in the mind. A Brahmayogi has to believe that there is an abundance of money in the world and therefore, as & when he needs it, God will make it available. Never make a decision based on lack of money.

3. Happiness: There is an abundance of Happiness in this world. Do not feel guilty about being happy or thinking that the happiness will be short-lived. Believe that you will always be supremely happy. We should not go in search of happiness, it is within us but we do not realise it and keep searching for it. Happiness are already available in abundance. We only need work daily towards growing in our Godly qualities, thereby excelling and exceeding human limits

B. Do Not Compromise – The Dinner Menu Analogy

To understand this concept of Abundance, take the analogy of going out for dinner to a restaurant. People who are affluent will always go for an A-la-Carte menu because they will only want to order what they like and want to eat, while someone who is limited due to lack of resources and therefore concerned about the price, will order a Buffet and accept whatever is served to them as part of the Buffet.Understand this analogy of the Dinner menu. When life is offering you everything as you desire, then why go for a Buffet and compromise?

C. Satisfaction and happiness are priceless. Therefore, in life, do not take just anything that life offers, but take what you want.

D. Brahmayogi is the highest form of human beings. If they sincerely desire something, mountains will move and rivers will change course to help them achieve their objective. God will always give you what you want (in case you sincerely wish for it and it is not at a cost to anyone else i.e. related to negative thoughts/desires).

E. Acceptance however stays the key. Do not resist and say No to anything that is offered. Keep saying Yes Yes Yes, but wait patiently for what you genuinely desire.

F. Stay calm, do not get disturbed, but do not compromise on your desires.

To summarise, Time, Money and Happiness are already available in abundance in the Universe. We only need work daily towards growing in our godly qualities, thereby excelling and exceeding human limits without fear or worry.

Author: Sanjay Sharma